Please register by leaving your name below. Include your zine library or other affiliation too, to help everyone get to know each other! There has been some discussion via email as well- if you are interested in being in the email loop, send me an email from your preferred email address to shortycowboy at comcast dot net. Thanks!

  1. Kelly McElroy (former ZAPPer and PZS organizer, newly minted librarian)
  2. Kelsey Smith (Timberland Regional Library, Olympia WA)
  3. Emily-Jane Dawson (Multnomah County Library, Portland OR)
  4. Kathryn Higgins (Brown University, ZAPP alum!)
  5. Jerianne Thompson (Linebaugh Public Library, Murfreesboro TN, and Zine World editor/publisher)
  6. Laural Winter (Multnomah County Library, Portland OR)
  7. Kim Riot- attending for half a day (GZAGG collective, Special Collections Archivist & bike enthusiast, San Diego, CA)
  8. Cathy Camper Multnomah County Library Portland OR
  9. Danielle Rodeo Warhola (formerly ZAPP, Resume of Charm, Ms. Valerie park)(Danielle didn't make it...)
  10. Lindsae Sindalu- Bird's Nest Zine Library, Spokane
  11. Rachel Arkoosh- Emporia MLS Student OR-11

Also attended: Nicki Sabalu & Allynn Carpenter.